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CHILL DROPS TR (TRANSPARENT) AND OP (OPAQUE) are high quality epoxy reactive pigments to use with our different CHILL EPOXY solutions.

Without any VOC and totally reactive, in opposition of what is actually offered in the market, the CHILL DROPS TR and CHILL DROPS OP are the only recommended pigments to use with the CHILL EPOXY solutions.

The CHILL DROPS  are highly concentrated  which will easily pigment your different CHILL EPOXY solutions.  Just a few drops and your resin will reach a transparent, translucent or an opaque color. 

These high quality pigments will give pure, bright and explosive colors which will resist overtime. 

We strongly recommend to validate the percentage of pigment to be added to your resins before going on production. 

Remember to add a small quantity at the time in order to reach the desired color.  If you want to repeat the  color, make sure to take notes of the percentage added per litre or gallons.

We recommend to start the coloration with a very low percentage of 0,0250% in weight to 3.0%.  You can also pigment the resin from drop to drop until the desired color.


  • Highly concentrated pigments

  • 100 % solid reactive pigments

  • NO VOC

  • Bright and Pure colors

  • For use with CHILL EPOXY ™ liquid resins.

  • Excellent resistance to UV rays.

  • Medium viscosity

  • Vast selection of  pure colours

  • Meets the RoHS standard