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This being our fist blog post for 2020, it has been quite the year already.  Since our first opening date of January 2020, we did not realize how quickly COVID redesigned our lives as we know it today.

During the last 4 months, we were working hard on our webpage to bring content for online sales and also projects we've completed to bring to life projects inspired by our clients and individuals such as yourself.
With that aside, below is a sample image of one of earlier projects we completed during the month of June for a client out of town.  Project went quite smoothly, except for the part where the Spalted Maple entry table decided to split ... awesome! 

Luckily, we are using Chill Epoxy 3L kit that we sell HERE to do a simple half inch pour using Black Chill Pigment - perfect choice for this particular wood species being Spalted Maple.  We also used Polymeres P-Tec for many of the gaps and divots to help close up smaller defects in the wood 1/16" or more below the surface top.  If you don't know anything about P-Tec ... you're missing out (LITTERALLY!!!).  You can purchase P-Tec on our online store and we sell both the black and neutral colours. 

We were very pleased with the final finish using our Odies Universal and finished off with Odies Wax.  Initially, we were not going to use the wax, but once we did a few more tests, the Wax provided an excellent coverage of protection and smoothness - Both Alicia and i are obsessed with!

All in all, this was a great project and we were very pleased with! So were our clients.  

If you have any questions or looking for a quote on a custom project ... email us at 

More blogs to come!


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  • You folks have been so helpful with all my wood working needs. You are always willing to share your wealth of knowledge and skills! Thank you for introducing me to P-tec, definitely a game changer. Also ice epoxy is fantastic, easy to use and a reasonable price.

    Trish Harris

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